Syrian heritage spirit of humanity, lasting prosperity, and national and global aspects Syrian museums Unique collections, educational tools, and a milestone in national cultural identity Syrian heritage living legacy, and eternal testimony of the achievements of the nation Syria a crossroad of all cultures and footprints of diverse communities and rich history

National Museums

Our museums are cultural platforms that present for generations the story of the geniuses that created the greatest human civilizations, including knowledge, arts, literature,

Historical Monuments

In our country there are many ancient monuments and monuments, a sign of splendor, perfection, beauty, invincibility and uniqueness of architecture.

Archeological Sites

Whoever said that Syria is a paradise for archaeologists is true for the abundance of archaeological sites and hills scattered everywhere in it, which number more than.

Selections of artifacts

Our national museums are full of discoveries and artifacts that tell the story of the Syrian civilization and its greatness from the dawn of history until the present age.

Syria across ages


1,800,000 – 3200 BC

Historical periods

3200 – 333 BC

Classical Era

333 BC – 635 AD

Arab - Islamic Era until modern times

635 AD to modern times

World Heritage List

The World Heritage sites are sites that the UNESCO World Heritage Committee nominates to be included in the World Heritage Program, which is managed by UNESCO. These features that join the World Heritage List may be natural, such as forests and mountain ranges, and they may be human-made, such as art and architectural monuments such as bridges or dams, cities and others, and they may combine the two, i.e. between the natural and human scale. Syria has registered six cultural sites in the main list on the World Heritage List.

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