Surface polished plate

November 12, 2020 dgamadmin

Black stone plate with incised surface, it’s small in size, engraved on both sides with inscriptions and symbolic drawings. The…

عدد الزوار 285 

Decorated jug

October 14, 2020 dgamadmin

Portions of a jug decorated with flowers and crosses carved and colored in blue wine, under a dark port Period:…

عدد الزوار 34,503 

Chinese Porcelain Vase

October 14, 2020 dgamadmin

Bowl made of Chinese ceramics decorated with floral, animal and engineering motifs in blue on a butter colored background. Period:…

عدد الزوار 34,504 

A decorative blue pot

October 14, 2020 dgamadmin

A blue color pot, its black motifs are interwoven and floral motifs consisting of roses and leaves. On its neck…

عدد الزوار 293 

A bronze piece representing a princess known as Princess Baniyas, wearing a hat and forehead decorated with a necklace, and…

عدد الزوار 319 

A roast clay doll

October 14, 2020 dgamadmin

Clay figurine representing naked woman with fertility zones emphasized. This type of figurine was associated with the cult of mother…

عدد الزوار 316 

Stone ax

October 14, 2020 dgamadmin

Flint stone axe made, belonging to the oldest stages of Syrian prehistory, known as Paleolithic. This flit axe is typical…

عدد الزوار 253 

This small sculpture represents one of the masterpieces of ancient Syrian art during the Early Dynastic period (Early Bronze Age)….

عدد الزوار 34,597 

Sculpture of the singer of Mari

October 14, 2020 dgamadmin

This sculpture of the seated singer represents one of the major artistic works of Syrian art during the Late Early…

عدد الزوار 34,652 

The Aleppo Hall (Room) in Pergamon

October 14, 2020 dgamadmin

This name is given to the wooden cladding in the hall of AL Wakeel House, which still exists in Al-Jadida…

عدد الزوار 68,631 

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