A bronze piece representing a princess known as Princess Baniyas, wearing a hat and forehead decorated with a necklace, and…

عدد الزوار 319 

Cup of glass

October 11, 2020 dgamadmin

A glass cup in the form of a cone inverted to the bottom and its base is confined and the…

عدد الزوار 260 

Funeral stele

October 11, 2020 dgamadmin

Funerary tomb lime stone showing a half-scene of a woman raising her right hand, holding the end of her headscarf,…

عدد الزوار 302 

Tadmuria funeral witness

October 11, 2020 dgamadmin

Funerary tomb limestone representing a half-scene of a shaved man raising his right hand and holding the folds of his…

عدد الزوار 191 

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