Syria’s cultural heritage is governed by the following characteristic features:

1. it is of purely local Syrian aspects and uses
2. it has Eastern Mediterranean dimension
3. it has universal significance and it enjoys multi-strategic influences
4. it is a generator of economic profit through the tourism industry
5. it is a  builder of cultural identity and a shaper of collective memory for all Syrians.
6. it is highly rich and diverse in both quality and quantity
7.  it reflects a  living cultural heritage. (In fact the still-inhabited cities of
Damascus and Aleppo, where everyday life takes place side by side with cultural heritage are the best attestations of this.
8.  it Represents an interaction between tangible and intangible cultural heritage. (for instance, the monuments and worshiping places hosts all sorts of living traditions and glorious sites)
9.  it represents a national priority towards setting up and implementing its  proper rehabilitation policies or management plans in the rebuilding phase


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