Khan Asaad Pasha Al-Azem.

Khan and Hotel.

General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums.

519 T 13/7/1948



The middle of the famous Bzuria market, south of the Umayyad Mosque.


1167 AH / 1753AD.

the governor of Damascus, the happiest Pasha al-Azm.

It is located to the heart of the old city of Damascus. It’s considered one of the largest and most noteworthy khans as it has become extremely popular destination for tourists. The khan was built by the governor of Damascus, Asaad Pasha bin Ismail Pasha al-Azm, who ruled between 1156 and 1170 A.H. He began construction in 1165 AH / 1751 CE and was completed in 1167 AH / 1753 CE. Six years after the construction of the Khan, the famous earthquake struck Damascus and a number of Syrian cities, so it destroyed many important buildings. Therefor Three colossal domes fell from this beautiful Khan.

The building is entered through a monumental wooden gate decorated with stone carvings and muqarnas with Khoukha door (small door) in the middle of it. the entrance covered with a vault with drawings. On either side of the entrance, two stairs lead to the upper floor. the entrance leads to the courtyard covered with nine domes (the central dome is opened) surrounded by 82 rooms deployed in downstairs and upstairs. The domes have wooden decorations and stucco paintings and are mounted on four columns and walls. In the center of the courtyard A large polygonal stoned fountain located.



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