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UN Security Council adopts historic resolution for the protection of heritage

UN Security Council adopts historic resolution for the protection of heritage

Expand the Horizons of Cooperation with the Aga Khan Foundation

The General Manager of Aga Khan Trust for Culture Mr. Luis Monreal, arrived on Wednesday 8, March 2017 for 2 - day official visit in Damascus.

Bakirha in Djebel Barisha, Rural Idleb, Exposed to vandalism

Bakirha in Djebel Barisha, Rural Idleb, Exposed to vandalism

Latest News from Palmyra

A team from the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums visited Palmyra during the past two days. They have conducted a new assessment of the recent damage during the second occupation by ISIS of the city between December 11, 2016 and March 2, 2017.

The technical coordination meeting of Ancient City of Aleppo concluded

From 01-03 March 2017 under the patronage of UNESCO, the technical coordination meeting of the Ancient city of Aleppo was concluded.

   In photos: The Tomb of three Brothers in liberated Palmyra
   In Photos: Damage of Al_Madrasah Al_Asadia and Tarsousi Mosque in old Alepoo
   Drone footage on 3 March 2017_shows the Damage of liberated Palmyra
   Palmyra After liberation, the initial photos of the damage
   Again, Palmyra has a date with liberation from ISIS
   In Photos: Damage of Abbais Mosque, Al_Sakakini Mosque and Al_Tawbah Mosque in old Aleppo
   In Photos: Damages of Dar Janpolad_Beit Junblatt in old Aleppo
   Report about the field work of DGAM in old Aleppo
   3Ds documentation team continues working in the old city of Damascus
   On the end of February, DGAM will retrieve the two ancient Palmyrian funeral busts after restoration in Rome
   In Photos: Damage of Owch_Khan, Souk Al_Nahassein and Zaki_Mosque in old Aleppo
   2017: A New Year after Years of Tragedy Besetting Cultural Heritage of Syria
   In Photos: Damages of Al-Hulwiah Madrasa,Khan Al-Olabieh, Khan Al-Salahieh and Masbaneit Al-Jabaily in old Aleppo
   In Photos: Damages of Al_Adlieh Mosque, Al_Sfahieh Mosque, Al_Shibani Church, Bimarstan Al_Araghoni and Farhat Church in old Aleppo
   UNESCO emergency mission to the old city of Aleppo
   The 3rd phase of the emergency recording and archiving of cultural heritage was concluded in Beirut
   Conclusion of the First Part of Training Course: Preventing the illicit trafficking of Cultural Property
   In Photos: Damages of Bab Antakia, Al-Shuaibiah and Al_Kamalih Mosques, Al_jalum Souq, Khan Al_Tuton in old Aleppo
   In Photos: Damage of Khan Al_Jomrouk, Khaier Baik and Souq Al_Zirb, Al-Attarein, and Al-Sakteah in Old Aleppo
   New destruction at Palmyra: Tetrapylon and the Roman Theater
   In Photos: Damage of Souq, Khan Al-Hebal, Al-Fustok Square and Souq Al-Masamireh in old Aleppo
   Participation of Director_General of Antiquities and Museums in Colloquium on Initiatives to strengthen international capacities for the protection of cultural property in the Premises of Council of Europe-Strasbourg, 13 January 2017
   Photo: Damage of Al-Awqaf Directorate and Bab Al-Nairab in old Aleppo
   Photo: Inside Aleppo Citadel
   In Photo: Damage of Al-Haddadin Mosque in old Aleppo
   Photos: Damage of Nur al-Din Bimaristan, and Arghon Bimaristan in old Aleppo
   Urgent International Appeal: to Protect the Archaeological bridge of Ein Dewar from collapse and destruction due to the Turkish Government project
   The conclusion of the training program on conservation and Restoration for Built heritage at Homs, funded by Prince Claus fund with support of UNESCO_Beirut.
   Photos: The Damage of Bab Al_Maqam and Al_Tawashi Mosque in old Aleppo
   Photos: documenting the current situation of the Throne Hall in Aleppo Citadel


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