"The Archaeological Heritage in Syria throughout the Crisis" .. a book documenting the status of antiquities between 2011-201319/10/2013 - عدد القراءات : 7615

The Archaeological Heritage in Syria throughout the Crisis
The Archaeological Heritage in Syria
throughout the Crisis

The Ministry of Culture/the DGAM has recently released a book entitled "The Archaeological Heritage in Syria throughout the Crisis" by Dr. Maamoun Abdulkarim. The book sheds light on the current situation of the Syrian antiquities through documenting the extent and nature of the damage affecting the museums and archaeological sites. In addition, it reviews the measures and policies adopted by the DGAM in order to avoid damage and protect the Syrian heritage based on the paper presented by the DGAM at a meeting held at UNESCO's headquarters in Paris with international organizations involved in heritage conservation in the world on 29/08/2013.

Moreover, the book, which contains information in Arabic, English and French, highlights the vision adopted by the archaeological institution in dealing with the archaeological issue, which has manifested itself in endeavoring to bring all Syrians together for the one and only purpose of defending and sparing antiquities, being the embodiment of what has always united the Syrian people and of the spirit, identity and shared memory of this nation.

In addition to the information the book presents, it contains photos obtained from the DGAM and websites that document damage at the archaeological sites through using the latest technologies and geographical information systems which show the distribution of damage affecting the archaeological buildings; the distribution of damage in the Syrian cities and governorates; the whereabouts of secret excavation and theft at the archaeological sites; the location of urban sprawls within the archaeological sites and the distribution of thefts the Syrian museums were subject to. The book also contains introductory tables, statistics and appendices of some sites for the general reader.

Finally, this book is the fruit of vigorous efforts for more than two years made by the cadres and the staff of the DGAM to whom Dr. Maamoun Abdulkarim, Director General, Antiquities and Museums, expresses his deep gratitude in the acknowledgement of the book. He, in addition, considers them as the unknown soldiers who have been cooperating with members of the local community in defending antiquities in their regions, and who have provided the central administration with valuable information that was the core of each report and map included in this book.

To download the English version of the book click here.

To download the Arabic version of the book click here.


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