Initial damages assessment between March and June 201422/07/2014 - عدد القراءات : 3163

DGAM teams gathered initial damages assessment for archaeological sites and historic buildings between March 2014 and June 2014.

These inventory tables include the names of the damaged sites sorted in each province and the type of damage, in a summarized form until those sites become accessible to the teams to have a very close and detailed look at the destruction inflicted.

DGAM already published on 12 March 2014 tables of initial damages assessment for archaeological sites since the beginning of the crisis on 2011 till 1 March 2014.

The team of the Sites Management Dept. at the DGAM is still conducting a more comprehensive inventory of the violations, which the Syrian archaeological heritage has been subject to during the current crisis, ranging from destruction caused by illegal digs to varying degrees of damage in the archaeological buildings due to clashes.


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