The Eastern Countryside in Daraa: Damages due to the illegal excavations at Garz Railway Station – Second Overview 10/04/2015 - عدد القراءات : 2829

The looting & Illegal Excavations done by antiquities gangs in the archaeological sites at the Eastern Countryside in Daraa continue, numerous Tells are plundering in different scale.

On March 2015 The DGAM with the cooperating with the locals was able to get some information about the scale of damages at Garz railway station

Garz Railway station: Located 10 km from the Syrian Jordan borders, the site witnessed damages because of the clashes:
  • Damages to the roof, doors and some of the walls.
  • The two chimneys at the roof of the main building were smashed.
  • One of the station's buildings was burned.
  • Digging around the area and within the rail station.


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