In photos: ISIS setting up explosives and destroying the Sella of Bel Temple in Palmyra10/09/2015 - عدد القراءات : 3878

Several news website and media have recently published photos released by the terror group of ISIS in their English language magazine, showing their destruction of the Sella of Bel Temple in Palmyra and setting up the bomb barrels by the terrorist militants of ISIS inside the sanctuary of the so-considered one of the first century's most important historic religious buildings.

Bel Temple is a unique architectural icon, being one of the largest (220x205m w/ 14-m walls) and most well-known temples in the ancient Near-Eastern history.  It was constructed in the 1st century AD, surrounded by 375 18-meter columns.

Last week, ISIS militants already published photos of their destruction to Baal-Shamin Temple, dated to the 2nd century AD.

Since 1980, the ancient city of Palmyra has been registered on the World Heritage List of UNESCO, who called it a war crime aimed at wiping out a symbol of Syria’s diverse cultural heritage.

Every passing day, we at DGAM are more worried about this significant historic city of the invasion of ISIS and their terrorist militants, for what Palmyra stands for of Tolerance and multicultural richness, the things Isis hates.


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