The DGAM attend at the 29th General Assembly of ICCROM17/11/2015 - عدد القراءات : 3166

Participants at the
 29th General Assembly of ICCROM
From 18-20 November, representatives of governments from all regions of the world meet at the FAO headquarters in Rome for the 29 General Assembly of ICCROM.

The ICCROM General Assembly provides a unique opportunity for discussion and sharing of experiences between delegates, who include diplomats and representatives from top-level institutions and ministries and from DGAM.

The 29 General Assembly gather 134 countries to voice their concerns regarding conservation issues and provide an opportunity to meet with representatives and peers from all areas of the globe. These countries will vote on the future programmes of the organization, and thereby help determine the trajectory of ICCROM as a source of information and capacity for promoting best practice in conservation.

On the sidelines of this event several preparatory meetings held to the directors of the Arabs antiquities at the invitation of ICCROM (ATHAR) (Regional Center for the preservation of the cultural heritage in the Arab world (ICCROM Sharjah) and in the presence of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO) to discuss ways of cooperation and coordination between the center of international and regional institutions in cultural heritage areas to the fullest and to ensure the delivery of ICCROM services in the areas of capacity building and awareness raising.

It worth to mentioned that ICCROM is the “International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property”, hereinafter called “ICCROM” in Rome - Italy, contribute to the worldwide conservation and restoration of cultural property by initiating, developing, provide training , promoting and facilitating conditions for such conservation and restoration.


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