In photos: primary field visit to the ancient city of Palmyra29/03/2016 - عدد القراءات : 4440

A team of DGAM members, lead by Dr. Ahmad Deeb, director of museum affairs, came back from Palmyra after paying a primary visit to the museum and the ancient city there.

The scan for booby-traps and disarming in the site are still going on by members of the Syrian armed forces and their allies; therefore, the team could only get to limited areas, i.e. Temple of Bel, Triumphal Arch, and the Colonnade.  A team of DGAM experts will pay a longer and more detailed and comprehensive visit when the city will be fully open.

The team made the following photos of the ancient city, as follow:

Sella of Bel Temple exploded by ISIS




The Outer walls of Bel Temple



Palmyra Citadel

The Colonnade



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