A delegation from Czech Republic has visited Damascus and discussed prospects of cooperation in the field of archaeology10/10/2016 - عدد القراءات : 3458


A delegation from the Czech Republic, headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Martin Tlapa, Ambassador Pavel Clucky director of the Middle East Department and North Africa, and Dr. Michelle lukes Director of the National Museum in Prague, and in the presence of Dr. Eva Filipi Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Damascus and several other members of the delegation.

The meeting took place with the Minister of Culture Mr. Mohammed Al-Ahmed and the presence of Dr. Maamoun AbdulKarim, Director General of Antiquities and Museums and Mr. Yaarob Abdullah, Director of the National Museum in Damascus.

The meeting dealt with ways of cooperation in the field of support of antiquities and museums sector in the field of protection, conservation, documentation and training  and activate the prospects of cooperation in other cultural sectors.

The Minister of Culture has focused during the meeting on the importance of the cultural riches that are characterized by Syria and the importance of protecting it from destruction due to extremists and terrorists who wreaked havoc and looting in a number of archaeological site, especially the city of Palmyra, Mari,Dura-Europos and Apamea etc.

He mentioned the pivotal role of DGAM and the actions carried out during the crisis in cooperation with the government institutions and the local community to save the cultural heritage and specially the museum collections in Syria. He also focused on the importance of international cooperation for the defense of the Syrian heritage in these difficult conditions in Syria.

The Czech delegation expressed readiness for immediate start of cooperation projects and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding frame the cooperation between the two countries in the field of antiquities sector.

It is worthy be noted that this meeting is a part of the other series of meetings has done by the Czech delegation, with the other government ministries in Syria

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