Lecture of Director-General in the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto- Canada16/10/2016 - عدد القراءات : 5015


Director-General of Antiquities and Museums, Dr. Maamoun AbdulKarim, Dr. Ali Ismail, director of the Aga Khan Cultural Services in Damascus participated in the inauguration of Exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum in Canada on October 15, this titled "Syria is a live history." It displays 48 works of art in addition to the digital technical products and technical experience from reality.

The inauguration was attended by the Minister of Canadian Heritage Ms. Mélanie Joly, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Affairs Mr. John Mc Callum.

The two ministers focused in speeches on the importance of supporting the Syrian heritage, support the peaceful solutions, which aims to stop the war and destruction in the country's rich heritage.

Ms. Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General also participated in recorded word and sent greetings to the audience and especially to the Director General of Antiquities and Museums Dr. Maamoun AbdulKarim, confirmed supporting of UNESCO, along with General Director of Antiquities and Museums in Syria and his colleagues in order to protect and save the Syrian heritage.

It was along with the inauguration words of each Mr. Henry Kim director of the Aga Khan Museum, Mr.Luis Monreal , general manager of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Ms. Christian Cameron, director of the World Heritage in Canada to presenting a lecture Dr. Maamoun AbdulKarim Director-General of Antiquities and Museums, about the Syrian heritage entitled Heritage and conflict, Syria's battle to defend its history.

Dr. Maamoun AbdulKarim focused about what happened to the Syrian heritage of destruction, also he spoke about the efforts made by the DGAM to save museum collections in Syria, and to protect and reduce the damage of the archaeological sites, in cooperation with government institutions and non-governmental organizations and the local community.

Director-General of Antiquities and Museums also focused, in his lecture in front of a large crowd of attendees, including former governor for Canada Ms. Adrienne Clarkson, on the importance of international cooperation with DGAM in the Ministry of Culture, in their efforts during this difficult period to save this heritage, which is tantamount of identity and collective memory Per the Syrians.

And, Mr.Luis Monreal , said in his speech, supporting the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, to DGAM’s Director & staff, and provide all kinds of support especially which related to the restoration of the Museum of Palmyra and expanded through a new museum, and thanks the extraordinary efforts undertaken by the General Directorate for the Protection of Syrian heritage through the crisis.

It should be noted that the Aga Khan Foundation had and still have a significant presence in the issues related to the support of the Syrian sector culture and heritage.

And we are currently discussing cooperation between DGAM and the Aga Khan Foundation about project on the restoration of the Museum of Palmyra and the possibility of expansion or construction of a new museum in the future plans.

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