Selling Ancient Palmyran Head in one of Antiquities auctions30/11/2016 - عدد القراءات : 2795


Two live auctions websites that deal with the sale of antiquities, published the news of the sale of Ancient Palmyran Head for $ 3,900 on November 29, 2016 through Palmyra heritage gallery in New York
Ancient Palmyran Limestone Head Ca. 3rd-5th century A.D. size 9 1/2 inches high x 7 1/4 inches wide.Well carved life-size limestone head wearing headdress. Expressive facial features with large almond shape eyes, incised eyelashes, and small realistically carved lips.Carved and incised segmented hairdo. Condition: few scattered minor losses.


A nice example.Provenance: Private NYC Collection acquired From Israel 10-03-2011 with original Export License from Israel.

Immediately, DGAM prepared a memorandum of legal and judicial prosecution through Syrian and international Interpol to stop the process of auction and  criminalization of the perpetrators and retrieval of the Ancient Palmyran Head on the basis of UN Security Council Resolution No. 2199 which prohibits dealing and trafficking of cultural heritage of Syria, where the decision prohibits all forms of trafficking in Syrian antiquities.

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