The encroachments on Tell Ashaari within Daraa in the current crisis04/12/2016 - عدد القراءات : 2438


The encroachments on Tell Ash'ari within Daraa governorate in the current crisis

The south side of the Tell

Massive encroachments on the surface of the Tell by thieves of
Archaeology in broad daylight

The center of the western side of the Tell

Parts of the trough of basalt

A wall of a building from the west in the middle of the Tell

A layer of plaster by colorful graphics

A hole in the surface of the Tell at the southern side

illegal excavation within One of the floors of lime in search of treasures

Parts of the lintel

using a heavy machinery in the drilling, scraping the surface of the Tell in the western part

Motorcycles up the Tell during the excavation and vandalism

Drilling on the surface of the Tell in broad daylight

Image of the Tell from Google in 2011 before encroachments show excavations by the Department of Antiquities in Daraa during the seasons of excavation

Image from Google in 2014 show the size of encroachments and vandalism caused in the Tell of small and large fossils and the use of heavy machinery in the northern part of the Tell, and the current status of the the size of vandalism and destruction has become a much greater use of heavy machinery on the surface of the Tell

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