Preliminary Statistics for Documentation of Illicit Excavations In Hama17/04/2017 - عدد القراءات : 4477


As part of the project initiated by the Directorate of Excavation and Archaeological Studies at DGAM for documentation of violations and illicit excavations in the archaeological sites in the Syrian governorates. The first Statists of the damaged sites in Hama governorate reached 76 sites of 122 archaeological sites, both registered and unregistered. The damage varied from bulldozing, construction work to illicit excavation, which 21 sites have suffered from, including Apamea ,Tell Masin, Al-Andrin, Tell Bellil and Tell Al-Wardiat.

The Directorate of Excavation and Archaeological Studies also continues to complete the work on documenting violations on archaeological tells in the rest of the Syrian governorates in cooperation with the Antiquities Departments in those governorates, in order to complete a map of the damaged archaeological tells, which pays a particular attention to the illicit excavations in order to identify the nature of the damage affecting the site, analyze it and calculate the percentage of damage. This helps in understanding what has happened in these sites and tracking the smuggled artifacts and determine their sources, in cooperation with the international organizations.

Whereas a large number of sites has suffered from continuous work of illicit excavation and reports continued to describe these damages over the years.

Notably, the project provides the interactive map with information on the extent of illicit excavations.

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