DGAM inaugurated Exhibition entitled_Treasures of Syrian Heritage02/05/2017 - عدد القراءات : 4341


Under the patronage of the Minister of Culture, DGAM inaugurated the Exhibition Treasures of Syrian Heritage: “Rescue - Protection and Documentation" on 3/5/2017 in the Damascene Hall at the National Museum in Damascus.

The exhibition included a number of rescued Archaeological objects from Syrian museums and archaeological objects recovered by the competent authorities in cooperation with the local community and restored objects of fraternal Lebanon.

The exhibition reflected the efforts of DGAM in the Ministry of Culture to protect the absolute majority of the archaeological objects and to save them in concrete moments and to deliver them to safe places after documenting, packing and saving them again.

And the efforts exerted during the years of the crisis to combat the smuggling of Syrian antiquities in cooperation with national ,international Interpol, UNESCO's Anti-Smuggling Department and related partners

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