Discovering a Mosaic Panel in the Valley of Barada04/07/2017 - عدد القراءات : 3658


The National Archaeological Mission in the Barada Valley, which it located in the village of Berhia (30 km north-west of Damascus), found a mosaic floor of about 50 square meters. It was the floor of a large hall with a wide door, consisting of a wide entrance in the center and narrower side entrances the decoration dates back to the end of the Roman period and the beginning of the Byzantine period (4th century AD), indicating the rich archaeological site of architecture from palaces and temples Monasteries, churches and others.


It is noteworthy that a similar panel was found in the same site, which was transferred to the National Museum in Damascus two years ago, although the Barada Valley was outside the control of the government at the time


The site has been attacked to large illegal excavation in previous years, which led to the detection of hundreds of tombs and looting of its contents


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