Scientific Cooperation Project with (Art Graphique & Patrimoine Co.)17/07/2017 - عدد القراءات : 4380


DGAM Starts cooperation with the French company (Art Graphique & Patrimoine),according to the field visit of the expert Jacques SEIGNE to the Temple of Bell and the report on the construction of the entrance of the temple, Sawa company in collaboration with AGP, headed by Dr. Bruno DESLANDES, conducted laser surveys of the reality of the entrance of the temple of Bell to ascertain the stability of construction to be based on the results resolution Suitable for temporary gate consolidation.

The latest generation of scanners, drones and scanning technology have been used to demonstrate the movement of architectural blocks, structural defects, detailed mapping of cracks and distribution of loads.

It should be noted that DGAM will, within the framework of a comprehensive project in cooperation with its partners and under the supervision of UNESCO to document the whole rubble in the Temple of Bell and prepare a temporary support study to develop a future plan for the rehabilitation of the temple.


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