Thwart attempts to smuggle antiquities into Jordan01/10/2018 - عدد القراءات : 4995


Daraa Antiquities Department, in collaboration with the relevant security authorities in Deraa governorate, foiled the smuggling of 14 different objects of antiquities, dated to Roman era, which were prepared and equipped to smuggle them across the border into Jordan.

The source of these objects are archaeological sites in the western countryside of the province of Daraa was stolen and placed in a farm in the village of Tabariyat waiting to be smuggled by a group of thieves.

It should be noted that since the entry of the terrorist groups to the province of Daraa in previous years, the illegal excavation of the hills and archaeological sites and the destruction and looting and smuggling of thousands of artifacts outside Syria across the borders of Jordan and occupied Palestine and in collaboration with experts and dealers of the effects of Arabs and Westerners.

this is not the first time ,The attempt to thwart. On the 10th of last month, an attempt was made to smuggle an antique statue of a basalt lion stolen from an archaeological site in the town of Mezireb, dating back to the Aramaic period (1st millennium BC).

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