DGAM team has finalized the field survey of the Damage Assessment of Bosra11/04/2019 - عدد القراءات : 6488


The DGAM team has finalized the field survey of the Damage Assessment within the first phase of the project "Recovery of the Ancient city of Bosra" under the patronage of the UNESCO Educational, Cultural and Science.

The first phase included monitoring of the structural situation and damage assessment of the archaeological fabric. The information of the current situation was downloaded on forms, field surveys of illegal excavations were carried out, as well as three-dimensional documentation of The Kalybe, "Cradle of the King's Daughter" in order to import the data to the GIS system.
The second phase of the project will include the review of the requirements of the border of the archaeological area and the buffer zone to suit with the needs of the community and maintain the exceptional value of the site.

The local community has shown commitment to their cultural and historical identity through their cooperation in preserving the ancient city and limiting acts contrary to the requirements of protection. This was translated into a Pledge document which was addressed to all bodies concerned with cultural  heritage and includes the commitment of the local community to preserve their heritage .

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