Turkish occupation forces use heavy bulldozers to steal and destroy archaeological sites in Afrin11/07/2019 - عدد القراءات : 6301

The systematic destruction of the Syrian cultural heritage continues by the Turkish occupation forces and their agents in all areas under their control in north Syria. According to the latest news from Afrin, the archaeological hills in the Afrin Plain were swept using heavy bulldozers to uncover the treasures and archaeological remains stored in those hills dated back to the thousands of years. This definitely leads to demolish archaeological layers and destroy the luminous pages of the Syrian history and civilization. Pictures from the area show rare statues and sculptures dating back to the first millennium BC and to the Roman age. These attacks are carried out in most of the archaeological sites of Afrin region, which are registered on the national heritage list, including: Tell Burj A’bdallo, Tell Ain Dara, Tell Jendyres and the site of the Prophet Hori.

It is worth mentioning that the temple of Ain Dara was the bombed by the Turkish planes before the occupation of the region, which caused the destruction of many of its rare basalt sculptures.

The Ministry of Culture-Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums - appeals to the conscience of the world and all concerned international organizations, as well as international legal and academic figures, and all those interested and keen on the human civilization, to intervene to protect the Syrian cultural heritage and put an end to the unjust aggression on these archaeological sites, whose lost represents a great lose for all humanity. It is a flagrant violation of the international covenants and conventions preventing the occupying States from attacking the resources of peoples they occupied their land.

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