Following on the directives of the Ministry of Culture – the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums and aiming to introduce and disseminate the importance of the Syrian cultural heritage, an exhibition of Syrian antiquities was opened on the 4th of august at the Museum of the Chinese city of “Shenzhen”, entitled “Incredible Syria”

The General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums participation consisted of 195 important archaeological and artistic exhibits that were collected from several museums in the country. Exhibits were carefully selected to tell the story of the Syrian civilization from the dawn of history through historical periods until the Islamic eras, and to express the uniqueness, diversity and richness of Syrian cultural heritage.

This exhibition comes to coronate the distinctive cultural relations between Syrian and Chinese peoples, which was also evident in Syria’s accession to the “Asian Alliance to protect endangered cultural heritage”

Earlier, “Art Exhibitions China” held an exhibition of Syrian antiquities, which was very successful and popular, its outstanding success called for the establishment of a new and larger exhibition that will be held for a longer period.

Noteworthy, the current itinerant exhibition will be hosted by the most prestigious Chinese museums for a period of two years.


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