Relying on the importance of documenting damages to Syrian archaeological sites and historical monuments during the war, and following up on the efforts of the Ministry of Culture – General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums in implementing projects related to documenting and digitizing the tangible and movable archaeological heritage launched by the Ministry of Culture through its important programs that are related to the preservation, investment , promoting, and digitizing Syrian archeological heritage, and given the importance of providing the website of the General Directorate with the latest information about its activities and the current state of archaeological sector, an interactive map showing the damages and destruction types inflicted to archaeological sites and historical buildings in Syria, has been launched.
Noteworthy the website of the General Directorate documents the activities of all the departments of the General Directorate, and also presents the latest news of the archaeological sector and related projects. Also, it plays an important role in promoting internal and external exhibitions, which is positively reflected on the working lines of the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums in communicating with researchers and specialists of Syrian archeological heritage inside and outside Syria
In addition, the site plays an active role in informing the public of the importance of the Syrian archaeological and urban heritage beside stressing the need to preserve it for future generations.


عدد الزوار 1,496 

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